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Once you have clicked on the link below to open the webpage opens see ( join now! Get a free (and personalized) wedding website  (Start Here) area. Click in this spot. On the next page scroll down to the Purple Start Now Button & click on it. This will take you to a page where you can select a design. If you move the mouse over a design you will see that you can preview what it looks like & if you like that you can select it by clicking on Choose this Design. When you choose a design you will be directed to a page where you can sign up. This is free. Select Join Free. The next page will ask for your email address a password & your role in the wedding party. (IE Bride, Groom etc).  When you click submit it will open a page with offers on it. Go to the bottom & click on skip on the right hand side to go to the next page where you enter your name & your partners name to create the url you will need. Continue to the next page which is more special offers where you can go to the bottom & skip again. Finally you will receive the default web address. If you do not like the default you can select one of the 3 below if you prefer one of them. When this is done enter the verification wording & submit.

By now you should have received an email as well.

The new page that opens is a template only to show you what to do. You can close this by clicking the small x in the top right hand corner.

From here as you can see down the left hand side is all the areas you can update your info & the centre of the screen is your updates. At the bottom of the page you can preview what you have done or save it.

                  Have Fun. Any problems contact Dale 0417610300

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Get a free (and personalized) wedding website