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Wedding Planner & Guide.

This Step x Step Plan & Wedding Planner has been put together by Dale & Chris Murrin to try & assist our brides in organising their special day.

The step x step guide is a day by day list like a diary of items for you to do. I suggest you print this out & keep in a folder with all of your wedding paperwork.

The Wedding Planner is to help with venues, photographers etc as much as we can with names, contacts etc.

We hope that this helps you & if anyone has any helpful hints or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us & let us know.

We will attempt to update this as much as possible & we apologise in advance if any information is not correct at any time.

Please do look at the Step x Step site first, taking attention to the (Website my Wedding). I do believe this is the way of the future as it allows a personal touch to all invitees as well as giving you a lot of useful tools such as the reception table & guest layout. The ability for guests to be able to RSVP immediately & not wait until they get to a card store to buy a rsvp card & keep forgetting to do so.

Most people these days take a camera or phone with a camera to weddings & take photos that you may never see. They can upload them to your wedding website so you can see them & other family & friends can all share.

If anyone needs assistance with the Wedding Website Dale is more than willing to help you get started.


Again Thankyou for your time in considering Picture Perfect Decorators as your decorator & we hope this planner is of use to you.

Note: This planner is constantly under upgrade & construction.

If you would like information added or add your business please contact Dale. admin@ppdecor.com.au or 0417610300


Thank You.

Dale, Chris, Leigh & Team.